Iowa County Broadband survey


The Iowa County Board of Supervisors is looking to gather data on the internet accessibility in all of Iowa County and our region.  UW-Extension is assisting the County with an online survey.  We are asking
residents from all over the county to please fill out the online survey.  The data gathered will assist Iowa County in becoming more competitive in the Broadband Expansion Grant Cycle from the Public Service Commission.  If a resident does not have internet access at their home we would ask them to go to a public library, at school or to the Iowa County Courthouse and take the survey on a computer there. The information from a home with no internet is equally important.  The survey closes on April 30.


The survey is housed on the Iowa County website –


You will see the big red banner – Iowa County Broadband Survey


The survey has two tracks.  One if you subscribe to internet services at your house and the other if you do not. You will have different questions depending on how you answer that question.


We ask that you take this survey at your home if you can.  We have a question that asks about your internet speed.  To check your speed – go to your internet browser and type in   –  Then click on Begin Test.  Please note the download and upload speeds (will be a number followed by Mpbs).  We will ask you to record on the survey the download and upload speeds of your home internet connection, not your work.  If you would prefer to take the survey on your work computer we ask that you check the speed at home,  write down the download and upload speeds and enter them when you take the survey.

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